VICTOREEN MODEL 6B - CDV-700 Beta / Gamma Radiation Detector Kit

Looking for the best radiation detector available? Looking to detect the slightest change in the air, food, water, even people? CDV-700 is the meter you need.

Don't be fooled by "the yellow boxes" on the net such as CDV-715, CDV-717 and CDV-720. They all have their place, right next to a rod of plutonium. They have far too much resistance to detect anything around the home. CDV-700 is the model you need.

Prepguard has been restoring CDV-700s and other electronic testers for nearly 40 years. We are the only lab in the world to rebuild these and warranty them for life. We replace all "tired" components and replace them with mil-spec or ultra high quality replacements. These units are clean, battery contacts cleaned and are very safe to stare at home. While apart, we make other more modern mods such as adding a low current draw back lamp LED for the needle movement. Concerned about calibration? Don't be. Our calibrations are always 99% to 100% accurate and we test them against $10,000 hospital machines. There is a "check source" on the side of the can which gives off a small amount of beta radiation. The radiation reaches out about 1/4 of an inch then vanishes.

Kit Features:

  • Rebuilt, Tested, Fresh Calibration
  • Beta / Gamma Probe
  • Back-lit LED Needle Movement
  • Waterproof Design
  • EMP Proof Design
  • Lifetime Warranty of the CDV-700s
  • Second Water Resistant Audio Port (for modern audio connections)
  • New Old Stock Headsets
  • Manual
  • Certificate of calibration with schematic
  • Internal certification card
  • Active Check Source on Lower Can
  • NOTE: all units are very clean for their age. Some extra clean. Slight variations can occur.

CDV 700 units are restored by:

  • Replacing all audio, gauge & power diodes
  • Replacing high voltage diodes
  • Replacing all electrolytic capacitors
  • Replacing all power supply capacitors
  • Replacing all transistors
  • Testing all voltage regulators for range
  • Greasing rubber seals
  • Testing all GM tubes
  • Adjusting, modifying or replacing Voltage Regulator when needed
  • Adjusting gauge needle (calibration)
  • Adjusting tube/gauge needle sync (calibration)
  • Adjusting High Voltage (Victoreens have this adjustment only)

Shipping insured USPS for full value. Tracked included. Please contact us for sales outside the USA so we can calculate shipping difference.

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Restored & Calibrated EMP Proof / Resistant Victoreen CDV-700 model 6B Radiation Detector Kit

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