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Excellent Condition - Prepguard Restored, Calibrated, Lionel CDV-700 6B with Canberra alpha, beta & gamma High Volume Scanner/Sweeper probe - w Lifetime Warranty! One of the finest radiation detectors ever made!

This 6b is in excellent condition and can be used to detect alpha, beta and gamma radiation. These pancake probes have a larger eye allowing for fast radiation detection in all situations. As with all CDV-700s they are very sensitive and can detect a climb in background radiation from around the globe. For example in NY our CDVs detected a climb from fukushima in seven (7) days.

Contact me for either an optional standard GM sensor tube or less sensitive OCD103 019 GM  sensor tube  (chrome shield included). I will create a private auction(s). Simply swap tubes back and forth as needed.

Also comes with protection bag, operation manual, two field manuals, New Old Stock waterproof headset.

Ideal conditions are NOT usually part of a nuclear disaster. Have piece of mind and purchase a rebuilt meter CDV-700..

Uses two D cell Batteries

Who Uses Prepguard Gear:

  • Fukushima Doctors and Engineers
  • United States Navy
  • Multiple US Sheriff Departments
  • Multiple US Police Departments
  • Fire Departments in High Risk Areas
  • Major US Aviation Manufacturer
  • Many Oil Well Drill Teams
  • Many Deep Water Well Drill Teams
  • Nuclear medicine Doctors / Patients
  • Many Mineral & Gem Miners
  • Radiationnetwork dot com (multiple active units)
  • Beach Cleanup Volunteers (Fukushima debris, etc)
  • Teachers
  • Countless US Veterans
  • Thousands of others around the world

Kit Features:

  • All items shown including Canberra probe
  • 2nd modern audio jack upgrade
  • Easy to use, Rebuilt, Tested, Fresh Calibration
  • Waterproof Design
  • EMP Proof Design
  • Rebuildable
  • New Old Stock OEM Headset
  • New Re-Digitized Operations Manual
  • New Re-Digitized Handbook - Fallout protection for homes with basements
  • New Re-Digitized Handbook - Handbook for Radiological Monitors
  • Certificate of calibration, calibration card, internal schematic
  • Rugged Field Operations Carry Bag
  • Lifetime Warranty

CDV 700 units are restored by:

  • Replacing all audio, gauge & power diodes
  • Replacing high voltage diodes
  • Replacing all electrolytic capacitors
  • Replacing all power supply capacitors
  • Replacing all transistors
  • Greasing rubber seals
  • Testing all GM tubes
  • Replacing glass tube regulator with modern diode regulator
  • Adjusting gauge needle (calibration)
  • Side decals when needed
  • Adjusting tube/gauge needle sync (calibration)
  • Updating Check Source if reading is too low

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Restored / Calibrate Lionel Alpha / Beta / Gamma CDV-700 Model 6B Radiation Detector Kit

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