About Us

Prepguard is a small group of professions dedicated to elevating national awareness through education, support, and supplies. We work feverishly in order restore awareness, national moral and confidence. This will ultimately save lives.

Disasters can be classified as expected and unforeseen. Unlike the original Office of Civil Defense, which operated in the 40s, 50s, and 60s, Prepguard will move forward educating the populace on more modern threats such as water contamination, air pollution and radiation exposure.

The original Office of Civil Defense was designed to educate the civilian population against the possibility of a direct enemy attack where today the attacks are well underway and all around us. In addition to providing solutions to these daily threats, we also provide support and supplies for homes, shelters and municipalities who wish to elevate their level of expertise in these areas.


United States civil defense refers to the use of civil defense in the history of the United States, which is the organized non-military effort to prepare Americans for military attack. Over the last twenty years, the term and practice of civil defense has fallen to the wayside and has been replaced by federal organizations such FEMA, DHS, CDC, FDA, EPA and others. Place municipality security at the hands of the federal government has exposed huge lag times, supply shortages and confusion. This is not the job of a representative to protect people in a disaster, but controllers job who are trained municipality by municipality. Given the OCD is closed, the next best step is to prepare at the home level.

It is our belief that Civil Defense needs to be run at this level:

  1. Home
  2. Municipality
  3. County
  4. City
  5. State

The Federal government should be on standby in the event of a declaration of disaster. Ice storms and straight line winds may affect the Northeast, while Tornadoes affect the plains. Hurricane effect the South while Earthquakes effect the West. Each municipality should set forth their own contingencies and supply locations eliminating lags, distance, and fear. All of those lead to anarchy all of which are not good for the people as a whole.

Start making preparations. Aside from giving “evacuation orders” it‘s more than evident the federal government cannot protect individuals from unexpected disasters at the home level. zHead of the home, it's their responsibility.

Example - FDA / EPA – “It’s not our job to provide drinking water to the home. It’s our job to provide the cleanest possible water to the home”

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