Terms & Conditions

For the time being we are st9ill only accepting paypal. The buyer can use credit cards through paypal. In order to streamline sales we are and implementing credit card acceptance through the checkout asap. Currently radiation detector sales took us away from website completion but we expect to active credit card acceptance by November 2017.


We cannot sell internationally from the website. Our distributorship for water systems does not allow.


Radiation detectors and other supplies may be available in the future but as of 9-1-17 we are only selling internationally through ebay.


Inventory can become depleted quickly. We also sell on Amazon and ebay but these all pull from the same storage. We recommend making purchased before a disaster for this very reason.


  • Shipping damage is covered by returning to the shipper.
  • We do not take water filter returns once used
  • Life time warranty applies only to CDV-700 radiation detector
  • We do not accept returns because someone changed their mind.
  • If a water filter system was ordered wrong by the buyer, we will accept a exchange for a 15% restocking / handling fee
  • Air filter system have a 1-year manufacturer warranty. We have yet to see one fail. We do not accept returns from people who change their mind about these. They do work extremely well but some people may be too unconditioned for such pure air. For this reason we also do not accept returns but instead recommend to use the purifier on the lowest setting while leaving a window slightly opened. As you become more conditioned to pure air, make further adjustments.