1500 gallons or 12 month usage, 2,000 Gallons for Chlorine, 1/3 GPM, amazing City or Well water protection (dependent on element chosen), Up to 99.9% toxin removal, 85% fluoride removal when used as a single unit, essential minerals pass through! (Choice between AquaMetix® and CeraMetix® filter elements)

  • Stainless Steel Housing
  • AquaMetix® for city water which is non-cleanable and slightly better flow rate. These are used when chlorine has already treated water
  • CeraMetix® for well water with added biological protection. These are cleanable and have greater all around protection but slightly reduced flow rate. .05 micron allows life essential minerals to pass.
  • Visit here for specification on AquaMetix and CeraMetix filter elements.

The HCP is a free standing filter system for counter top use which provides you with clean, safe and great tasting water, This unit is readily attached to an existing faucet via a diverter valve. Housing is made from rigid toxin free materials and the system is intended to be installed with no permanent modifications to the plumbing. The system allows for filtered, semi-filtered, or unfiltered water to be drawn from the existing faucet. This system includes one CeraMetix® or one AquaMetix® 10" Slimline filter element (chose before adding to cart). Filter life and filtering blocking is further increased when used in conjunction with pre-filters such as a or under counter filter. Twin system proved extra filtering and prolonged element life. CeraMetix® and AquaMetix® elements block all toxins while allowing essential life minerals to pass through (great water PH balance and taste.


  • Lightweight
  • Easy connect Above Counter design
  • Pure Mineral Rich Water Made
  • Accepts both city or well water cartridges
  • PH Enhanced Water Made
  • 85%-95% of Fluoride Removed
  • Made in USA

HCS Stainless Above Counter Water Filter

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