Air Filter Information

What you Eat, Drink and BREATH Matters!

A healthy people are a STRONG people. Eat whole foods, drink purified water, and breath CLEAN AIR!

Allergies are basically an allergic reaction to something inhaled, induced, injected, or placed on the skin. This is your body's way of letting you know to stop the cause.

As of 2016, there are currently 80,000 chemicals being used in the United States. Many known to be toxic, many not even tested. These toxins can be found everywhere from home furnishing, household cleaners, to air pollution. Many are fatal.

On planet Earth there are millions of biotoxins. Biological toxins are toxic substances produced by microorganisms, animals, and plants. These toxins have the capability of causing harmful effects when inhaled, ingested, injected or absorbed. Many are fatal. It is currently being researched that the lack of sunlight due to increased air traffic has increased mold & fungus on the surface. This affects the well being of everything living on the surface. For mold and fungus reduction in the home, removing shrubbery around windows is the first step. Filtering the home with a Prepguard Air Purifier is the only way to remove all biological toxins.

Many metal toxins can be found in the "micron" size meaning they can float in the air. Above and below metals are gasses, many of which are fine particles of metals. Some more than others, all known metals are toxic to the human body. For a human to be as healthy as possible, all metals should be eliminated from all foods, water and air.

Its been known for years that during an injury or illness that clean air and water speeds up recovery. Don't make your body do any unnecessary work while it heals.

Tornado, bomb, and nuclear shelters all struggle with either mold, fungus, odor or similar. Buying a Prepguard Air Filter will clean any shelter up to 4000sq. ft.

03 Oxygen is the type oxygen the body needs. The more of this type oxygen found in the body the more energy one will have. in fact, not only does energy increase, but so does healing time, sleep depth, hydration and more.