CDV-700 Geiger Counters / Radiation Detectors

CDV-700 Geiger Counters / Radiation Detector Information

Last of them - Less than 400 in stock! (6-17)

  • Rebuilt using High Quality & Mil Spec Components
  • Calibrated to Factory Specs
  • Excellent to Mint Condition Inside and Out
  • EMP Proof / Resistant (depending on variables)
  • Waterproof (float if taken care of)
  • Impact Resistant
  • Single Units or Kits
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY against boot up failure!

Who uses Prepguard CDV-700s?

  • Fukushima Doctors and Engineers
  • United States Navy
  • Multiple US Sheriff Departments
  • Multiple US Police Departments
  • Multiple US Bomb Squads
  • Many Fire Departments in High Risk Areas
  • Major US Aviation Manufacturer
  • Many Oil Well Drill Teams
  • Many Deep Water Well Drill Teams
  • Nuclear medicine Doctors / Patients
  • Many Mineral & Gem Miners
  • (multiple active units running 24/7)
  • West Coast Beach Cleanup Volunteers (Fukushima debris, etc)
  • Teachers
  • Countless US Veterans
  • Thousands of others around the world

How we refurbish these

  • Replacing all audio, gauge & power diodes
  • Replacing high voltage diodes
  • Replacing all electrolytic capacitors
  • Replacing all power supply capacitors
  • Replacing all transistors
  • Replacing other components upon inspection
  • Greasing rubber seals
  • Testing all GM tubes
  • Replacing glass tube regulator with modern diode regulator
  • Add new radioactive check source when needed
  • Add new Side decals when needed
  • Adjusting gauge needle (calibration)
  • Adjusting tube/gauge needle sync (calibration)
  • Adjust high Voltage (calibration)